Saturday, October 29, 2016

Treats, no Tricks.

So, I finally got around to it and the book is out there for people to buy.  I did the cover myself, though it wasn't exactly how I originally wanted it.  Thanks to Jen Curry for helping me edit.  It costs less than a dollar (ok, it's 99 cents) if you're interested in giving it a try.  The first story in the collection you can read in its entirety with the preview available at most sites.

As of today the book is available on these platforms:


It will ultimately be available also at these locations:

Barnes and Noble (for Nook)
Baker & Taylor Blio
Baker-Taylor Axis360

And you can review it at any of these sites, and at Goodreads, too:

Thanks again for reading my blog (and hopefully my book, too)!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Editing and getting back in the groove for the next go 'round

I've given a copy of the book to a friend for them to do some objective editing on it before I publish it.  I also have to make the cover picture, which should be fairly easy.  I have a feather quill set that I'm going to use to write the book name on parchment, and then add a few extra elements to the design.

I'm also hoping to get back into a writing groove soon, so that I can get to work on another book, so the couple of people who buy the first one and like it might not have to wait for several years to read more.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Number 13 is Completed!

Well, it has been ages since I posted a blog.  I'd like to say it's because I've been furiously working on writing and other projects.  Sadly that's not the case (at least not until the last couple of days).  I've just been a lazy bum.

But the good news is now I have drafts of all 13 stories that will go into my book.  All I need is to have them go through editing and to get a cover picture.  My original idea for the cover picture was to have a "yard sale" table set up with items on it that were reflective of each story in the collection.  Instead, I'm thinking of buying a writing quill and ink well and handwriting the title of the book on parchment, then accenting it in a way that reflects the mood or theme of the book.  In this case, stabbing it with a knife that has been bloodied with stage blood.

I also had previously called the title "Dark Stories For A Restless Night" but I'm thinking of making it "Dark Tales For A Restless Night."  So I need your input on which you think it should be!  Please respond here or on my Facebook author page (

The last story (which will actually be placed about 2/3 through it I think) is called "Muse."

So, that's the good news.  Hopefully, I'll be following up with a post on all the other happenings (such as health, etc) in the next week or two.

ALSO, for those that "Like" my Facebook page,  Facebook has recently started rolling out changes to allow you to see more of what you'd like to see in your newsfeed. Previously, artists, authors, and small businesses just getting started would only be seen if they got enough "likes" to warrant being seen by most of the people that liked their page. It's still kind of like that EXCEPT, now you can essentially choose to see all the posts and have them appear early in your newsfeed if you choose to. Hover over the "Liked" down arrow on their page and select "See First." This will ensure you get all updates, not just the ones Facebook deems worthy!

Thanks for reading my blog, and hopefully soon, my book!

-T. Allan Bishop

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Thirteenth Story

So, our family has been sick for the past couple of weeks, and it hit me earlier this week.  I was diagnosed with Bronchitis.  So, I haven't been driving to work, which means I haven't been listening to Neuromancer.  As a consequence, I've had lots of ideas streaming through my brain (making me lean towards the idea that it's the story not the mood as proposed in the last blog post).  Of course, I haven't been able to write down most of them (I only managed to get one written down), because I haven't had the energy to go find a pad and pencil, etc.  Hopefully, I'll get "the story" idea before I start driving to work again (likely Monday).

On that note, let's delve into the not so mundane stuff going on in my family life this past week:

Candice now has full-blown pneumonia along with a staph infection and an ear/sinus infection.  Donna has a cough that the doctor said we're going to treat as a cold.  Megi has recovered from her pneumonia (though she still has a cough).  Gabe has a cough and a doctor's appointment Tuesday.  And Grandma went into the hospital because we thought she had the flu along with her toe infection and was getting dehydrated and barely able to eat anything.  Turns out it was mostly about the toe infection, which required her toe to be amputated.  Then while checking her out because of her staph infection, they discovered that the infection was affecting her heart valve, so they've transferred her to a Denver hospital for heart surgery tomorrow.

So, all-in-all, a rough week for the family.

That's all for this entry, thanks for reading.  (And if you are a fan of my T. Allan Bishop Facebook Page, please click "like" on the link to this I post there, Facebook isn't showing them to most of the people who have clicked like on the page but nothing more, and so a lot of people aren't seeing the blog updates when they are posted there, and the only way to remedy this is by getting more "likes" on posts there...)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sometimes they're inspiring, sometimes, not

Often times, when listening to books, I get struck by inspiration.  More times than not, it's just a tangential thought to something said in passing in the book.  Other times, I feel like the book drains the inspiration from me, and though the book might be filled with lots of stuff that could inspire me, it seems to do the opposite.

I don't know if that is caused by the particular books, or if the feelings of inspiration make me more or less perceptible to those side ideas.  But I do know that I've never had the "feeling" switch midstream in a book.  In other words, if a book starts out inspiring, it keeps inspiring until I finish it.  If a book starts out sucking away my inspiration, it keeps me in a non-inspired state until I finish it.

Right now, I'm listening to William Gibson's Neuromancer, which was a groundbreaking book that essentially introduced the genre of Cyber Punk.  Although it's entertaining, this seems to be one of those inspirational draining books, as I find I can't think of a single thing worth writing about while I listen to it.

In other news, Megi has pneumonia, but is in pretty good spirits.  Grandma and Candice both have the flu, and are both barely able to move around the house.  Gabe is excited about participating in the 100 mile running club, and is also trying much harder at math.  He isn't very good at math, but I'm very proud of him for wanting to try and be better at it (as opposed to before when he didn't care at all).  And Donna seems to be getting everything right on all the classwork that is sent home.  She can even read a few words now, too.

That's all for this entry, thanks for reading.  (And if you are a fan of my T. Allan Bishop Facebook Page, please click "like" on the link to this I post there, Facebook isn't showing them to most of the people who have clicked like on the page but nothing more, and so a lot of people aren't seeing the blog updates when they are posted there, and the only way to remedy this is by getting more "likes" on posts there...)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reminiscing With People I've Never Met

It's been four months since I posted an entry to my blog.

Shame on me.

Since then, I've been on two vacations (including one without kids), the kids have started back to school, the youngest is mostly potty-trained, and I haven't made one iota of progress towards the book being published.

Yes, you read that right.  Not one iota.  To be honest, it has probably only crossed my mind about four times.  That fills me with shame and regret.  I need to get busy.  If I don't get it done soon, I'll probably just give up on it, which isn't really what anyone wants.

So, what do I need to do to make it happen?

Well, first off, I need to finish writing it.  I want there to be 13 stories in it.  I have 12.  I've looked through some of my past stuff to see if there's anything I could "polish off" and fill out the list, but none of them seem to fit correctly.  Which means I need to write another story.  To do that, I need three things:  an idea, inspiration, and motivation.

I have plenty of ideas, but none are currently inspiring my muse, which seems to also have gone on holiday for a while.  Hopefully s/he will return soon.  The last part of the equation usually sparks up when the inspiration strikes, so...

What happens after I finish writing it?  I need to have it edited.  Self-editing can only take you so far, because you know what you intended to say, and often will read it that way when reviewing it.  So, I need to find someone to edit it for me.  My wife and editor has dozens of projects on her books for her art career, and I don't want her to get sidetracked from them.  I also don't want to pay someone to edit them when I'll probably not recover the fees in sales.  (I'm realistic about how many I'll actually sell.)   We have ideas here, but don't need to worry about them until I'm ready to explore them.

Say I get it edited, then what?

Then I have to get a cover designed.  Even though it will only be an e-book, I still need a cover for it.  Covers are usually the first impression a potential reader has when deciding to try the book or not.  Also, several sites will not put them on their featured pages without cover art.  I'm not much of an artist.  My wife, who is an amazing artist, also has her own projects (as I mentioned before).  Assuming a time constraint in getting the cover designed, my best bet would be to develop a "temporary" cover art until a much better one could be put in it's place (the nice thing about e-publishing is that the product can be updated to change out plain cover art with better stuff, "also by this artist" pages with updated ones, etc.).  that would allow me to publish it shortly after finishing the writing/editing phase without having to "push" or "rush" my wife to do a better cover on my timeline.  I know she hates deadline type work and would then grow to hate the project if I did it that way versus allowing her to do it on her own timeline.

So, that being said, I will start carrying around an idea book and pencil more often (it'll also be easier since we're closing in on the time of year when I have my jacket with me when I'm out) in hopes of getting those key materials needed to getting the thirteenth story written for this collection.  Maybe I'll even force myself to write even when I don't feel inspired.  It's usually the advice famous artists/writers give to aspiring artists/writers.  Even if I throw most of it away, I might find one gem in the bunch.

What about future stories/books, you ask?

Well, those will almost certainly happen if I can get this one story written.  I have several ideas (that don't fit with this collection I think) percolating in the back of my mind.  Several involve splitting up larger story ideas I've had into smaller stories that build on each other for one larger tale when put together as a whole, but each of which could be a small story in itself.  Plus there's the "new takes on classic horror stories" of vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc. that I'd like to include in the same book, but none of which are beyond the early idea stages yet.

Now, on to the fun stuff:

The Sharks only have one game in Colorado this upcoming regular season, so I bought better-than-normal tickets and got second row seats across from the Avs bench for the game this year with Candice.  Then right after I buy them, the school announces that the fourth grade concert (which is usually MUCH later in the school year) will be that very same night.  Gabe loathes going to those events DURING and AFTER they've happened, but generally HAS to go to them because everyone else is.  Since we know how he's felt about all of them in the past, we plan to divert his attention that night.  We're going to give him the Blu-Ray of Captain America:  Winter Soldier and let him watch it for the first time that night.  Should make everyone happy.

Also, this year, Candice will be playing Fantasy Hockey with me.  I'm excited that she'll be participating in a hobby I find fun.  Right now I have 5 teams in the league, all of whom I know, and most of whom are mostly new to fantasy hockey.  We need an even number, so I need at least one more, and preferably three more.  It should be interesting seeing her root even more for some players as the season unfolds!

Megi is mostly over her feat of the potty, and is essentially potty trained.  She also started preschool two days a week.  Donna started kindergarten this year.  My goodness where has the time gone?

We spent the money we had saved up for a new bed on getting the house painted to satisfy the HOA.  It needed it anyway, but I was hoping for another year or two before we were forced to do it.  Now, we're saving up for it again.

Halloween is just around the corner, and this year we have a crying angel statue to add to the cemetery.  Here in a couple of weeks, we'll take the kids to get their costumes and put up the cemetery fencing, then the week of Halloween, I'll set up the rest of the stuff.  Hopefully, we get a good deal on November 1st for something good to add to next year's exhibit.

Megi has figured out pedaling the tri-cycle, but still has a few issues with it, but at least we don't have to push her for the most part any more.  Donna, is getting really good at riding her bike, but needs a larger one.  We'll probably get that and then start on the no training wheels thing.  Gabe, as always has already outgrown his bike, but until he starts learning to use his hand-brakes, we're holding off as long as possible before getting him his first adult sized bike.

I also learned about the Elio around the 4th of July weekend and made a deposit on one.  I got my number in line the other day, and I should get the 5,751st Elio to roll off the assembly line next year this time.

I know I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff since I missed so many months, but thanks for reading anyway!

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