Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Put Pencil to Paper, Make Squiggly Lines, Repeat Until Finished

We’ll get to the exciting news soon enough, but first I must bore you with the more mundane parts of my life you’ve become accustomed to reading.

We haven’t made any more progress on “Operation Anti-Cardboard” despite having the intentions of doing some almost every day since we started.  Hopefully, we’ll get the second coat painted on the closet doors this week, so we can set them out of the way and get to work on the rest of the room in earnest.

Candice colored Gabe and Donna’s hair the other weekend at Donna’s request and Gabe’s “I have to do everything everyone else is doing.”  Donna’s hair is purple and pink, and is still colored.  Gabe chose cherry red, and it didn’t stick with his hair.

Gabe is done with school for the summer.  I feel bad for Candice, though I foresee Gabe getting a decent tan from being sent outside quite a bit. 

Ghost knocked the bird cage off its resting spot and it freed the birds.  The back door was open at the time and one of them made its way outside before Candice could get it closed.  We’ve since done a makeshift fix to the birdcage to keep it from being knocked off again.  Next year, we’ll probably get a much nicer birdcage for them that can’t be knocked over (and if it is won’t separate from the base).

This weekend was busy.  Friday after work, I took Candice’s car in to have the iSimple installed so we no longer have to find a “free” radio station to broadcast the iPod with in order to listen to it through the car radio.  The sound is much more amazing this way and we can control the iPod through the car stereo even.  The cross-country drives are going to be much better not having to find a new station every 10-50 miles!  And the bonus is, I got it on Amazon.com and paid for installation at Best Buy and saved $50 over just buying it at Best Buy and not having it installed!
While there, the people we were getting the kittens from called Candice to tell her that they were ready to be picked up, so I went and got them that evening.  Phantom (the blackish calico – apparently called a “brindle”) and Chimera (the golden one) came home and are now playing like they’ve always lived here.

Ghost went to get fixed Sunday.  Despite having just gotten out of surgery for being spayed, she was alert when we picked her up.  And once we got her home, she was basically acting as if nothing at all had happened.  In fact, she seems even more rambunctious now just two days removed from surgery than she did prior to going!

We also went and got a couple of new birds to keep the other one company.  We’ve kind of decided that for most pets, we’re going to do them in threes (one for each kid basically) except if we get any large breed dog.

Candice started P90X the other week, and after nearly being killed by the first day’s routine, she promptly stopped.  Now she’s going to give it another try.  She did the first day’s routine again last night and plans to do the second day’s routine today or tomorrow.  She really wants to lose weight and get more fit, so I hope she sticks to it or at least finds a routine she can stick to that will help her accomplish her goals.  There’s also likely to be a hiatus from exercising coming up, but we won’t know more until after a doctor’s appointment Friday.

Oh, and the exciting news:  Both Candice AND myself are again plunging back into our creative endeavors of choice.  Candice has started working at her art desk again, creating stuff with her hands, and just last night, I started writing a story again for the first time in about 5 years.

It’s about a haunted painting that can change appearances and interact with the world outside the painting, and whoever is the true owner can not be rid of it until they die.  The story doesn’t come out and say that in as many words, but the implications and clues are all there for the reader to piece it together.  I had lots of ideas to include, but as I was writing, I encountered the perfect ending for the story before getting to some of the stuff I planned to include.  Now I’m in the dilemma of figuring out if I should leave it be, extend the story to include the extra and have a less spectacular ending unless I stumble upon something better, or more likely, add the extra stuff in prior to my perfect ending.  As you can see, I am leaning towards the latter choice because I really like the ending but also think the story needs the extra terror added to it.

As I was writing, I needed a description for a painting and chose my favorite painting of all time which I first saw in the Louvre:  Aelbert Cuyp - Boats on the Estuary of the Hollands Diep River Near Dordrecht.   Here’s a picture of it:

It starts out with only two of the three people in the rowboat and then starts making subtle changes in the early stages of the story.

Anyway, I’m totally excited about the story, because it happened without the aid of a deep depression or alcohol, so there might still be a future for T. Allan Bishop as an author in post-retirement…


  1. Hey, I'm glad you're writing again. I wish I was. Too much chaos at work leaves me emotionally and mentally exhausted by the time I get home. I can't wait to read what you've written.

  2. I put it on Wordtrip under the Large Writing Group if you'd like to look at the draft of it.


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